TrioBank Initiative

Every day, researchers are finding new ways to use umbilical cord cells to treat conditions, including traumatic brain injuries, stroke, type 1 diabetes, heart attack, cerebral palsy, genetic conditions and blood cancers. But to make these discoveries, umbilical cord blood is needed for study.

At Beaumont's BioBank, we are actively collecting these samples and other samples to further this research. And you can help us to do that.

The Beaumont TrioBank Initiative

The good news is that the vast majority of babies are born without any genetic conditions.

However, as scientists, we still need to understand the genetic differences that exist in the population. As a result, we collect blood and other specimens, from a broad population of individuals and their family members.

Our TrioBank initiative will collect blood or saliva samples from the mother and father. Following the birth of their child, cells are taken from the umbilical cord and placenta. The collection does not interfere in any way with your vaginal or cesarean birth. There is no added danger to you or your child.

How Specimens will be Used

Once the samples are taken to the BioBank, all personal health information is removed through a de-identification process; each sample is then identified through a unique code. The samples can only be used by Beaumont investigators for research purposes only. All research at Beaumont is regulated by the Human Investigation Committee, or HIC. The HIC is a group of people who oversee any human research at Beaumont to make sure that the rights and welfare of participants are protected.

Benefits for Our Donors

There is no direct benefit to you for allowing us to collect and bank your sample. The benefit comes from knowing that the donation is important for future research that could help families who have inheritable medical conditions or who may benefit in the future from therapies associated with cord blood. We are banking for future research.