Tumor Registry

Beaumont Hospitals' Tumor Registry (Oncology Data Services) is an information system for the collection, management, analysis, and follow-up of data on all patients with a diagnosis of malignancy or reportable benign disease.

A database for all patients diagnosed and/or treated at Beaumont Hospitals with a malignancy or reportable benign tumor since January 1, 1973 is maintained. Reference data from American College of Surgeons (ACOS) starting from January 1, 1994 provides up-to-date follow-up data from that date forward. From January 1, 1994 to the present, this database includes more than 33,500 patients. Beaumont maintains a 94% follow-up rate.

Beaumont Hospitals' ACOS-approved cancer program -- with a computerized oncology database -- was invited to participate in the National Cancer Data Base "Call for Data." As a participant, Beaumont receives "Patterns of Care," a general summary report of our hospital's data compared to the aggregate national data.