Outcomes Research

The Beaumont Research Institute Center for Outcomes Research conducts research projects which focus on the end results of healthcare practices and interventions of importance to decision-makers (patients, providers, and payors). By linking the care people receive to the outcomes they experience, outcomes research has become the key to developing better ways to monitor and improve quality of care. It also provides important information necessary to make informed decisions regarding optimal treatment.

End results investigate patient-centered outcomes, including: functional status, length of stay, level of pain, and satisfaction of care. For individuals with chronic conditions -- where cure is not always possible -- end results include physical and emotional health-related quality-of-life, mortality, and economic and procedural outcomes such as patient safety and financial costs borne by patient, employer, and/or hospital.

Several prospective and retrospective studies, in collaboration with various Beaumont Hospitals' departments, are currently underway. There are additional plans for expanded efforts over the next year.