Grants Development and Preparation

Beaumont's Research Institute Grants Development Department provides identification of competitively funded grants and cooperative agreements. We are committed to assisting all current and prospective researchers in identifying and securing competitive funding from government agencies, foundations, and industry.

Resources include regular monitoring of:

  • funding opportunities for specific programs and research solicitations
  • access to comprehensive funding databases
  • identification of appropriate organizations accepting investigator-initiated proposals
  • facilitated discussions with funding organization contacts

Grants Preparation

Grant Writing

The Research Institute Grants Preparation Department provides assistance with grant writing and other non-financial grant preparation activities, including:

  • proofreading
  • section integration
  • coordination of collaborative partner contributions

Financial Services

The Research Institute Grants Preparation Department provides financial services to streamline the budget negotiation process for sponsors and investigators. Accountants are assigned to particular clinical specialties and work closely with investigators, clinical research managers, and sponsors to expedite processes.