Interventional Radiology Research

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology is a nationally well-established program that includes an ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) approved 40-resident teaching program, ACGME approved fellowships in the fields of Neuroradiology, Interventional Radiology and Musculoskeletal Radiology, and non-ACGME approved fellowships in MRI, Cross-sectional imaging, and Mammography.

Over the years, with strong impetus from a wide-ranging faculty, the department has aimed to provide superior clinical care and academic excellence in one of the fastest developing and changing fields of medicine.

Research Interests

  1. Extend life and improve quality of life in conditions where other existing modalities (surgery, cancer medications) have failed
  2. Novel catheter design to decrease patient discomfort (such as obviating the need for repeated drainage of abdominal fluid collections)
  3. Fostering superior patient care and academic excellence
  4. Designing improvements in MR technology

Research Faculty

Michael Savin, M.D.
Interventional Radiology Researcher
Research interests: Radiofrequency ablation, Ascites catheter design, IVC filters

Chris Kazmierczak, M.D.
Chief, Interventional Neuroradiology
Research interests: Carotid Stent trials including among others: PROTECT, EPIC, NEXSTENT, SENTIS, Vertebroplasty trials (KAVIAR)

Murray Rebner, M.D.
Chief, Breast Imaging
Research interests: Tomosynthesis, Breast MRI

S. Zafar Jafri
Chief, Genitourinary Imaging
Research Interest: Contrast nephropathy