Meet the Team Radiation Oncology Research

George D. Wilson, Ph.D.
Chief, Radiation Biology; Scientific Director, BioBank; Director, Erb Family Molecular and Genetics Laboratory
Research Interests: Cancer stem cells, biological imaging, combined modalities, predictive markers

Brian Marples, Ph.D.
Radiobiologist and Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests: Radiation oncology, radiobiology, cancer, cancer treatment, normal tissue radiobiology, hyperbaric oxygen, stem cells

Ming-Der Yu, Ph.D.
Research Senior PET Radiochemist
Research Interest: Development of PET probes

Sarah Krueger, Ph.D.
Research Associate II
Research Interests: Biological imaging, low-dose radiation biology, bone marrow stem cells, radiation DNA repair and cell cycle response

Sandra S. Galoforo, M.S.
Research Coordinator

Diane Schoenherr, B.S.
Research Coordinator

John Torma, CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Research Technologist II

Megan Sinka, CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Research Technologist

Laura Downing, B.S.
Research Assistant

Ranjeeta Thapa, Ph.D.c
Research Assistant

Jonathan Kane, Ph.D.c
Research Assistant

Mohamad Dabjan, M.D.
Research Assistant

Alexandru Ghilezan, B.S.
Research Assistant

Alaa Hanna, M.D.
Research Assistant


Mary Farwell, B.S.
Administrative Secretary