Beaumont Health System launches research trial of bioresorbable heart scaffold

Beaumont Health System has joined a multicenter, international research study of a new temporary heart device that helps keep an artery open following angioplasty, then is broken down and absorbed by the body. The research will compare the effectiveness of the new "disappearing" device, the AbsorbTM Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold made by health

Beaumont class for expectant parents: Understanding Childbirth

Beaumont Community Health Education will offer a condensed class focusing on labor and birth for expectant parents. The new, six-hour class includes stages of labor and birth; medical procedures; cesarean birth; and comfort measures for labor and the support person's role. "Understanding Childbirth Express Class" is a single-session

9 tips to protect your skin

Are you ready for fun in the sun? Whether you're lounging on the beach on vacation or building that new patio, extended exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can be harmful. "Excessive sun exposure can be uncomfortable and can result in damage to skin and skin cancer," says Roxana Chapman, D.O., section head, Dermatology, Beaumont

Physical therapy eases pelvic pain for Brighton man

Pelvic pain doesn't discriminate. It isn't just a problem that affects women. Ask Dennis Wagener, 62, of Brighton. Three years ago, he decided to increase his activity level, so he purchased a bicycle because bicycling is easy on the joints. Shortly after he began riding, he experienced tremendous pain in his groin and testicles. Was it his bike

Beaumont Health System opens new Breast Care Center in West Bloomfield

Because early detection saves lives, Beaumont Health System has expanded its Comprehensive Breast Care program to West Bloomfield. This new, 6,031-square-foot facility, located in suite 103 of the Beaumont Medical Center at 6900 Orchard Lake Road, offers pathology, radiology, mammography and surgical services. Nearly one in eight women will

Chill Out: Precautions Can Prevent Heat Illnesses

As temperatures and humidity levels rise, so too do visits to Beaumont Health System emergency centers. With proper precautions, most heat illnesses are preventable. According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, each year about 400 deaths and thousands of emergency department visits are caused by heat illnesses. The three biggest

Beaumont one of U.S. News and World Report’s ‘Best Hospitals’ for 19th year in a row

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak once again ranks among the nation's "Best Hospitals" in the 24th annual rankings by U.S. News and World Report. It's the 19th consecutive year that Beaumont, Royal Oak has been nationally ranked by USNWR. Beaumont, Royal Oak is nationally ranked in seven medical specialties in the 2013-14 lists released

Beaumont recognized among 2013 ‘Most Wired’ hospitals

Beaumont Health System has been named among the nation's "Most Wired" hospitals,according to Health Care's "Most Wired" 2013 survey released in the July issue of Hospitals and Health Networks,a publication of the American Hospital Association. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the survey. Since the survey's inception, hospitals and health

7 tips to tackle ticks

The summer sun brings with it barbecues, nature walks and camping, but unfortunately all this outdoor fun leaves people vulnerable to tick bites. Ticks are small insects that are found in shady, moist wooded areas usually among tall grass and leaves. They are dangerous to humans and pets because they can transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain

Beaumont doctor offers safety tips for Fourth of July fireworks season

Some say it wouldn't be the Fourth of July without fireworks - a tradition that injures nearly 10,000 Americans each year, of which almost half are children. Fireworks may be beautiful, but they're best seen and heard from a distance, according to Beaumont doctors. "Fireworks can result in burns, but the percussion, concussion and velocity of an