Beaumont Health System donates AED to the City of Berkley


Defibrillator use may help save lives at Berkley Community Center

Beaumont Health System and the American Heart Association have donated an automated external defibrillator, or AED, to the Berkley Community Center on Monday, Nov. 18.  

An AED is an emergency medical device that delivers an electrical charge to a person who is experiencing a life-threatening, abnormal heart rhythm or sudden cardiac arrest. The device, which “speaks” to the user providing step-by-step instructions, automatically diagnoses the heart rhythm to determine if a shock is needed. The pre-set electrical charge administered by the device occurs only if a fatal arrhythmia is detected, eliminating the need for the user to make the decision to defibrillate.

Robert Swor, D.O., director, emergency research, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak says, “AEDs are remarkable devices. They are incredibly easy to use and they triple the likelihood of survival after a victim has a cardiac arrest.”

Since 2009, Beaumont has donated 19 AEDs to community centers, libraries, places of worship, and other locations in the community.

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