Beaumont research sheds light on risk of prostate cancer spread or death in high-risk patients treated with radiation therapy

th How aggressively should you treat men with advanced forms of prostate cancer? That's an important question for physicians and especially for patients, whose very survival may depend upon the answer. Research by Beaumont Health System radiation oncologists presented at the 54th annual American Society of Radiation Oncology meeting in Boston on

A Beaumont research first: radiation therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Radiobiologist Brian Marples, Ph.D., and a team from the Beaumont Research Institute are thinking "inside the box." The radiation oncologists may be the first in the world to use image-guided radiation, a proven treatment for cancer, to treat Alzheimer's disease. The team has had success in reducing brain plaques associated with

Two-day breast cancer treatment offers same results as five-day

A breast cancer comparison study presented Oct. 30 at the American Society for Radiation Oncology, or ASTRO, shows that two-day radiation therapy treatment produced results similar to five-day treatment in those with early stage breast cancer. Principal investigator Peter Chen, M.D., radiation oncologist, Beaumont Health System compared clinical

Beaumont hosts Nov. 13 theatrical presentation to increase ovarian cancer awareness

Beaumont Health System cancer support groups, Sharing and Caring and One to One, will offer a free community theatrical presentation to address ovarian cancer and survivorshipis described as a humorous and heartwarming presentation of a baby boomer's experience with ovarian cancer. The program is Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the

Setting the record straight on common pain myths

Over the last decade, great strides have been made in the understanding of pain and its treatment. Pain that was once considered hopeless is now manageable. Medical evidence proves that many of the beliefs about pain and pain relief are false. Sean Conroy, M.D., medical director, Center for Pain Medicine, Beaumont Health System debunks three

Participants needed for Beaumont Women’s Urology Center study

Can taking medications vaginally offer quicker, more effective relief than oral medications? To find out, researchers at Beaumont are seeking healthy women to participate in a study.Investigators will study the absorption of the drug diazepam, brand name Valium, in tablet, cream or suppository forms. Diazepam is commonly used to relieve anxiety,

Beaumont hosts community health event Nov. 13

It is estimated that the average weight gain for Americans during the holiday season is between seven and 10 pounds. And those who overindulge in holiday goodies are also at risk of heartburn or acid reflux. Beaumont Health System will host a free community health event, "Holidays Without Heartburn and How Not to Gain 10 Pounds" with

Beaumont, Royal Oak repeats as top consumer choice for 17th time

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak has been named the top choice of consumers by the National Research Corporation for the 17th consecutive year in a five-county area in Metro Detroit. The NRC 2012-13 Consumer Choice Award winners were determined by consumer perceptions on multiple quality and image ratings collected in NRC's annual Healthcare Market

Beaumont receives award for medication barcoding implementation

A systemwide safety initiative to implement barcoding to administer medication at Beaumont Health System helped to prevent a total of 23,500 potential drug errors from December 2011 through July 2012. The ambitious project led by Beaumont's Information Technology department was recognized with the 2012 Transformational Leadership Award, sponsored

November community education programs to address epilepsy and low back pain

Beaumont Health System and its Neuroscience Center of Excellence have expanded their fall community education series to help area residents better understand neurologic conditions and their treatments. The Nov. 8 program at Beaumont Medical Center, Sterling Heights will address epilepsy and the Nov. 27 presentation at Beaumont Hospital, Royal