Beaumont, Royal Oak developing liver transplant program


Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, recently received approval from the Michigan Department of Community Health's Certificate of Need commission to develop a new liver transplant program.

The approved CON will make Beaumont, Royal Oak the third liver transplant program in Michigan.

"With nearly 400 Michigan residents currently waiting for a liver transplant, there is definitely a need for another program," says Charles J. Shanley, M.D., senior vice president and chairman of the department of Surgery. "We'll soon be announcing the results of our efforts to recruit a nationally recognized transplant surgeon to lead our new multidisciplinary program. The ability to perform live-donor transplants will allow Beaumont to fill the unmet need by providing liver transplant procedures to Michigan residents waiting on the donor list."

Beaumont plans on offering Michigan residents both traditional and live-donor liver transplantation service, along with laparoscopic liver surgery and minimally-invasive liver donation.

According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, approximately 17,200 Americans are on waiting lists to receive a liver transplant. Liver transplants are second to kidney transplants in the number of transplant procedures performed annually in the United States.  Along with organs from deceased donors, living donors can donate a portion of their liver to an individual in need of a transplant.

While a liver transplant program is new to Beaumont, the hospital has been performing kidney transplant surgeries for more than 20 years. The Beaumont, Royal Oak Kidney Transplant Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients with chronic kidney disease including end-stage renal disease. The transplant team includes surgeons, kidney specialists, or nephrologists, and nurse coordinators who work together with all hospital disciplines to manage patient care from pre-transplant evaluation through recovery. Patients also have a dedicated transplant coordinator to contact anytime for pre- and post-transplant care advice.

Surgeons at Beaumont Hospitals performed 75,637 surgeries in 2006. The hospitals are among the highest-volume surgical centers in the nation, according to the American Hospital Association.