Dietetic Internship Program

The Beaumont Health Dietetic Internship Program is a post baccalaureate program for individuals who have met requirements for the completion of a didactic program in Dietetics and hold a bachelor’s degree. The program is offered as a 34-week, full-time, certificate program. Successful graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the registration exam from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Program Concentration

Beaumont's program offers a concentration in Medical Nutrition Therapy. The goals for this concentration include:

  • The dietetic intern will demonstrate the ability to apply current Medical Nutrition therapy to a broad range of disease states, as evaluated by dietetic internship preceptor evaluations.
  • The dietetic intern will develop the foundation for life-long learning and application of nutrition expertise in the field of clinical dietetics through designated rotations and relevant experience, as evaluated by both the intern and preceptor evaluations. 

Program Mission

The mission of the Beaumont Health Dietetic Internship Program is to produce competent entry-level dietitians by providing the highest quality dietetic education in an environment of best practice and evidence-based care through preceptor training, multi-disciplinary education and direct patient care.

Program Goals

  • Prepare competent dietetic practitioners.
  • Provide leadership skills training in the profession of dietetics.
  • Contribute to providing the highest quality healthcare services to all patients of Beaumont and its community affiliations.

Program Outcomes

Outcome measures for the program:

  • 70 percent of graduates seeking employment will find jobs within 6 months of graduation.
  • 80 percent of the dietetic internship graduates will pass the registration exam on the first try.
  • 90 percent of interns will complete their internship program within 51 weeks.

Additional desired program outcomes:

  • 80 percent of students achieve a minimum rating of “consistently meets expectations” in entry level competencies, determined through preceptor evaluations.
  • 90 percent of employers returning surveys rate Beaumont internship graduates as “competent” in entry level practice.
  • 100 percent of internship graduates returning surveys self-rate as “competent” in entry level practice.
  • 80 percent of current interns indicate that designated learning experiences meet documented competencies.
  • 80 percent of current interns evaluate preceptor guidelines as satisfactory
  • 100 percent of preceptors rate the patient care provided by dietetic interns as a beneficial service at Beaumont.
  • 95 percent of dietetic interns indicate that the development of clinical judgment through critical thinking, organizational and communication skill growth as an important component of providing patient focused care at Beaumont.

Program Calendar

The program begins with orientation during the first week in January and concludes in August. The program includes a one-week vacation scheduled in April. Additional information on rotations and assignments can be found below in the listed Policies and Procedures, #7 - Rotation Schedule, Program Materials and Rotation Assignments.

Sample Program Rotation Schedule

Program Tuition and Costs

An non-refundable application fee of $75 should be made payable to Beaumont Hospital and sent to: Beaumont Hospital, Nutrition Services - Dietetic Internship Director, 3601 W. 13 Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073.

Program tuition is $5,000. The check for tuition is due on the first day of the internship, in full. More information on program tuition and additional financial responsibilities of the intern is available in Policies and Procedures, #1 - Program Tuition and Financial Responsibility.

Graduation and Program Completion Requirements

100% of the assignments and evaluations are completed, including remedial work if required.

A resume must be completed and on file.

A "Permission for Reference" form must be signed and on file.

Additional information on successful completion of the program can be found in Policies and Procedures, #14 - Criteria for Successful Completion of Program.

Application Resources

Qualifications of Applicants

Minimum GPA: The minimum grade point average of 3,2 must be achieved to be considered eligible for the program.

Prior Work Experience: Professional experiences (paid or volunteer) are evaluated upon a point system.  Applicants should provide relevant information including work done in the following settings: hospital or other health care, clinical dietetics, food service, community nutrition, or any other supervisory experiences.

Activities and Organizations:Extracurricular activities will be evaluated upon a point system.  Leadership experience is desirable.

Important additional admission requirements can be found in Policies and Procedures, #3 - Internship Inclusion Criteria.

Selection of Dietetic Interns

Number of interns: Eight applicants, per year, are accepted into the Beaumont Dietetic Internship Program.

Selection criteria:A selection committee reviews each application and systematically evaluates overall GPA, science specific GPA, work experience, letters of recommendation, personal statement, extracurricular activities and leadership potential.

Sample Evaluation Ruberic

Nondiscrimination: Beaumont is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Interviews: The program director will contact and schedule video-chat interviews with qualified applicants. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to attend the internship program’s open house to further learn and discuss the program.

Deadline Dates

The application deadline coincides with the fall match deadline established by D & D Digital.

Computer Matching

All complete computer matching information, including computer matching dates with deadlines, is on the ACEND website.

Application Phase

Applicants are responsible for obtaining current application information from the Dietetic Internships (DI). The basic steps in this process are:

  • Complete the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Services (DICAS) online application.
  • It is recommended that you obtain current application materials from selected DIs at least 6 months prior to the computer match in April and November annually. Please note that DI application forms for programs that do not use DICAS are not available on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website or from Academy staff. You must get all required application information from the DI programs.
  • Discuss application materials with your Didactic Program Director, if available.
  • If required, apply to take Graduate Record Examination.
  • Request references from advisor/faculty/employers and order official transcripts as needed to submit to DICAS and internships not using DICAS.
  • Complete DI application according to instructions provided and submit the materials to the DI director by the designated deadline date. Questions about completing applications should be referred to the DI Director or your DPD Director, not Academy staff.
  • Provide telephone number(s) and email address with applications where you can be reached on Appointment Day.
  • Send all materials before the postmark deadline and by receipted mail for proof of mailing date and delivery. Enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard if you want to be notified of receipt of the DI application from the program.
  • Applicants must register on the D & D Digital website, pay the $55 computer matching fee with a credit card and submit their prioritized list of selected dietetic internships online to D & D Digital before the designated deadline dates (Refer to Dates for the Computer Matching Process for each appointment period). Applicants should call D & D Digital prior to the deadline if they do not receive an email with login information.
  • If you do not receive a match, you must register with D & D Digital and reapply to internship by the withdrawal deadline date for each spring and fall computer matching period.

Computer Matching Phase

  • Applicants are responsible for notifying D & D Digital, in writing, of a decision to withdraw from the matching process if circumstances will prevent them from accepting a match that may occur.
  • Applicants are responsible for telephoning D & D Digital if they cannot access the D & D Digital site to view their personal matching results on Notification Day.

Appointment Phase

  • Applicants who receive a computer match DI appointment are responsible for accepting or rejecting the match by telephone or email by 6 .p.m (of the program’s time zone) on Appointment Day.
  • Applicants who submitted a Declaration of Intent to Complete form with their DI applications must obtain a signed DPD Verification Statement from their DPD Program Director and official transcript documenting completion of the bachelor’s degree before they may begin the DI.

Important Applicant Responsibilities

Participants in the computer matching process are expected to adhere to the results of the match and accept a match that may occur. It is unethical to decline a match in order to pursue appointment to another program.

Programs with open positions will be posted on the D & D Digital website the day following Appointment Day. Applicants who do not receive a computer match must not contact any program with open positions until the day following Appointment Day. In addition, please do not ask your Didactic Program Director to inquire about programs with open positions until the day programs with open positions are posted. This allows the DI programs time to confirm acceptance from their matched applicants and determine the process they will use to fill open positions.

Please Note: After the internship match is completed, applications and associated materials are not available for return; they are shredded.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, through its many association groups, offers a variety of scholarships and educational stipends to individuals pursuing undergraduate and advanced degrees in dietetics or food and nutrition related areas. General scholarship and educational stipend information from the American Dietetic Association Foundation, the dietetic practice groups and affiliate (state) and district dietetic associations can be accessed from the respective group's information listed on this site.

Detailed information on scholarships and grants available from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is available at:

Detailed information about federal grants and loans administered by the United States Department of Education is available at: