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Case Studies

75 year old female, restless, legs over side of bed attempting to get out of bed. Limited communication, socially isolating herself, eyes closed, room dark. She ate very little breakfast, no initiative to participate in any activity, care assistant unable to engage patient, daughter at bedside.

Interests: Gardening and music (according to daughter)

  • Re-established daytime activities/schedule i.e.: wake up, eat breakfast items she prefers, up in chair, etc.
  • Involved family in plan of care explaining the Alternatives to Go!© concept
  • Assessed patient's interests
  • Played respite video (patient became alert and sang with tape)
  • Assisted patient to sit in wheelchair and sort sticks by color and helped make simple shapes

Daughter's comment - "I can't believe this, you all really care about her."

Case Study 2:

41 year old male with cerebral bleed, history of heroine use. He is agitated, trying to get out of bed frequently - ruled out need to use bathroom, patient restless, moving constantly in bed.

Interests: Baseball, cars

  • Changed environment - assisted patient to wheelchair and went for walk
  • Assessed patient's interest by talking with family
  • Returned to quiet, calm location for 1:1 interaction
  • Did puzzle about sports
  • Talked about favorite baseball team/his sports experience
  • Assessed for signs of increased agitation and switched to different activity before patient got bored or agitated
  • Remembered to alternate rest and activities

Case Study 3:

52 year old male with stroke. He has expressive aphagia, agitation, frustration, trying to get out of bed frequently, incontinent of urine and can't use urinal.

  • Tried male external catheter
  • Used dry erase board to answer yes/no
  • Began simple activity:
  • Sorted cards - red and black
  • Moved from easy to more difficult
  • Stimulated cognition by focusing on teaching consistent use of call light with goal of increasing patient's memory
  • Got up in wheelchair several times a day to increase activity level and endurance
  • When agitation decreased, took patient to dayroom for socializing

Case Study 4:

73 year old obese female. She has pneumonia/CHF, alternates between either non-responsive or combative, sleeps during the day and is up at night. Patient is agitated and tells you that someone stole her purse and book.

  • Re-established regular daytime versus night time schedule/activities i.e.: morning - wake, neuro check, assist to feed, etc.
  • Gave patient a purse from the alternative bag and a book from the day room
  • Started respite video to keep her awake and engaged
  • Since able to read, suggest doing word-search puzzle together

Case Study 5:

Patient constantly putting on call light, calling out for someone. All her physical needs have been met. She needs company for social/emotional support.

  • Played Respite video that made her feel that someone was with her which calmed her alternating with frequent staff visits to patient in her room.

Case Study 6:

39 year old male, higher level physical functioning but unaware of cognitive deficits including poor judgment, impulsive, etc. He tried to elope from hospital.

  • Tried puzzle of United States - removed a few pieces and asked him to replace them (method to see if task is too difficult for patient) - did very well so removed all of the pieces and asked patient to complete the puzzle
  • Asked/talked about traveling to different places in U.S. to develop relationship with patient
  • Once relationship was established, engaged patient in various other activities, i.e.: card games, writing letters, etc.