For Healthcare Workers

The Alternatives to Go! bag, and the concepts related to its use, is a component of a nursing model of care for patients with diminished cognitive function. It has been developed for nursing staff to offer safe alternatives to the use of restraints and to help stimulate a patient's return to normal activity and function.

Alternatives To Go! features a variety of over 20 valuable items and an instructional DVD with written instructions for caregivers, families and friends. The goal is to provide safe, diversional alternatives to the use of restraints as well as strategies to improve your interaction with persons with cognitive impairment.

The 39 minute DVD includes instructions from a nurse that specializes in working with patients with dementia, confusion, and cognitive impairment. She demonstrates useful ideas on how to use each item depending on the patient's current level of function/interest and how to choose different activities for each individual at different times of their disease progression.

The therapeutic activities included in the ALTERNATIVES TO GO bag are designed to:

  • Stimulate thinking, sequencing and simple mathematical calculations
  • Facilitate discussion about familiar topics, hobbies, daily living
  • Channel energy into satisfying, purposeful activity
  • Provide fine and gross motor coordination/function
  • Facilitate memory enhancement
  • Prevent treatment interference
  • Improve mood and prevent escalation of agitation
  • Assist with nonverbal communication
  • Prevent Use of Restraints