Video Clip / Case Studies

Sample Video Clip

76 year old female with Alzheimer's disease is living with her daughter's family in their home. The mother with dementia keeps getting up from a chair in the family room wanting to leave the house. Prior to the mother's illness, she worked as a seamstress for a clothing company. She liked to spend her leisure time playing the piano and was in several card groups with friends primarily playing bridge.

  • To divert her attention from wanting to leave her daughter's home, her daughter put on a cd of relaxing piano music
  • Invited her mom to sit down with her and play some cards, ie sorted red from black cards as she reminisced about much they both enjoyed her piano playing
  • After her mother was distracted with an activity, she introduced other activities to keep her mother busy and content, ie, lacing cards, folding clothes, etc.
  • The daughter was then able to return to her daily activities, making dinner and doing the laundry. Her mother stopped trying to leave because she was distracted and occupied with purposeful activities.

Case Study 2:

95 year old considerably independent female with frequent falls at home developed sudden confusion secondary to wound infection which was treated at acute care hospital. She was discharged to an extended care facility for further rehabilitation and strengthening. Upon admission to the facility she was noted to have continuing episodes of confusion during the day as well as worsening at night. Her family was very involved in her care and visited frequently however she was initially unable to recognize her great grandchildren. She was visibly depressed and not interactive with other residents.

Granddaughter utilized items from the Alternative to Go bag during subsequent visits with hopes of facilitating interaction between her grandmother and her great grandchildren

  • 9 year old, great granddaughter presented stuffed animal to great grandmother as a gift which was quickly received with pleasure, frequently stroking the animal for sensory comfort.
  • 11 year old, great grandson was initially intrigued with the fidget widget ring himself and brought it along for a visit. This sparked Great Grandma's interest in his activity and began to ask him about it and became engaged in manipulating it herself
  • 15 year old great granddaughter, knowing great grandma's love for puzzles selected the mosaic pattern puzzle to bring to grandma on her visit. While Grandma finished dinner the teenager began the puzzle at the table to entice her involvement. Grandma couldn't resist this activity she's always enjoyed.

The children continue to visit their grandmother on a regular basis and she is now more interactive with them as well as others. She recognizes and greets each of them with smiles. Grandma and the children look forward to their visits and the interactive activities they bring with them.. Her cognitive abilities have improved, allowing her to perform some of the more complex activities included in the bag. Her granddaughter feels that she has had valuable tools to positively impact her Grandmother's progress as well as provide meaningful, satisfying interactions for the children with their grandmother.