Selecting an Alternative

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Plan and Pick
Implement and Individualize
Evaluate and Enhance patient care

Below are just a few of the many activities included in the Alternative to Go bag:

Skin Sleeve/Squeeze Ball/Small Stuffed Animal/Tubing

  • Useful for treatment interference such as a patient pulling out an IV, foley, O2 tubing, etc.
  • Use skin sleeve to cover IV site/tubing, and occupy the patient's hands with a squeeze ball, stuffed animal or separate unused tubing for making and undoing knots

Puzzles (Simple and Complex)

  • Pick a simple puzzle first, then advance to more complex ones
  • Remove only a couple of pieces at a time and ask them to replace those pieces
  • Take turns putting pieces together
  • Remove whole puzzle and replace pieces
  • Converse about topics related to the puzzle, such as with the United States puzzle, ask the patient how long they have lived in Michigan? What is his/her favorite season? Where have they traveled?

Colored Nuts and Bolts

  • Identify 2 colors that match and put them together
  • Identify 2 sizes that match and put them together


  • During hospitalization and in an unfamiliar environment, often patients are concerned about losing/misplacing their purse/wallet or needing to go home and pay their bills. Offering this purse with wallet, checkbook, tissue and lotion, etc. can help satisfy their need and divert their attention
  • Help them write imitation "checks" for the bills they are concerned about
  • Paper money can be counted and used to simulate simple, routine money exchanges, i.e. buying groceries, paying the bill at a restaurant, etc.

Shape/Activity Board

  • Trace shapes then draw them on the board
  • Relate shape to real-life objects shown on the board
  • Match pictures that belong together or are opposites

Information on each activity and how to use it will be included in a instructional booklet and DVD that accompany the Alternative To Go bag.