Pain Medicine

Pain is one of the leading reasons for seeking medical treatment and, if left untreated, can negatively impact the quality of one's life. However, there are safe and effective treatments that are available that may reduce your pain and restore your function.

We offer pain management services through our centers and also within the hospital. To receive care in one of the centers, ask your doctor for a referral to the Beaumont Center for Pain Medicine then you may call any of our locations to schedule your appointment.

The pain medicine team provides multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art care for pain. Services are available to help patients in acute pain, such as during medical procedures and after surgery, and for those suffering from chronic pain. The members of the pain medicine team includes anesthesiologists, physician assistants, pain psychologists, pain medicine nurses, and physical therapists. Treatment is provided from a holistic perspective and individually tailored to meet the needs for pain management for each patient. Interventions can be offered to reduce pain severity, improve coping and quality of life, and increase physical functioning. Family members can become involved in the treatment process through education and support for coping.

The pain medicine team will work with each patient's primary care physician to provide integrated and coordinated care. This care may also involve health care providers from other specialties.

Learn more about the pain medicine team values and read our Code of Ethical Conduct.