Joint Wear Simulation

The Joint Wear Simulation Area of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory was established in August 2007. Beaumont received the twelve-station hip simulator as a donation from Kettering University (Flint, Michigan) and created a new Orthopaedic Research laboratory specifically for the purpose of studying joint wear. This equipment allows a total hip joint replacement to be tested under conditions approximating those occurring in the human body. The primary goal of the Joint Wear Simulation Laboratory is to provide research opportunities and resources our orthopaedic surgeons and residents. The uniqueness of the new Joint Wear Simulation Laboratory has created opportunities for Beaumont to conduct research with industrial partners investigating alternative bearing surfaces and unique prosthetic designs.

The joint wear simulation laboratory continues to focus on several areas of orthopaedics from implant design to modifying component fixation. Continued collaboration with industry and academic institutions with the goal of improving orthopaedic materials and techniques is an ongoing process. This collaboration is necessary to improve device design and increase patient safety. The laboratory continually focuses on innovative research involving different anatomic locations and devices utilizing many testing abilities and equipment at the lab. Patients remain our most important customer and the focus of all our research projects. 

Current Research Projects

Research Interests

  • Particle wear analysis
  • Unigraphics based designing
  • Joint simulation via custom programming