Implant Retrieval & Analysis

Principal Investigator: Perry Greene, M.D. 

The focus of the Implant Retrieval and Analysis section is a comprehesive electronic database combined with long-term library-based system of retrieved orthopaedic devices for evaluation and analyses. The database features de-identfied patient information such as manufacturer, surgeon, and date of revision surgery. Also, the database contains a system detailing the exact location of each retrieved device via a unique "Explant ID" number given to each retrieved device.

Retrieved devices are utilized in resident and fellow research. Currently, the Implant Retrieval and Analysis section is populating a database in order to create a library system of the devices for ease of locating specific devices. In the future, the Implant Retrieval and Analysis section plans to expand the database and library by collecting retrieved devices from additional hospitals and institutions.  

Current Research Projects

Research Interests

  • Wear analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Non-destructive testing and analysis
  • Nanotechnology related to biomaterials
  • Database design

The implant retrieval and analysis program is supported by a generous gift from Byron and Dorothy Gerson to establish the Byron and Dorothy Gerson Implant Analysis Fund.