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Wednesday, August 17

Esther Young, D.O.

Esther Young, D.O., Stroke Director at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, talks about the study of the central nervous system, what happens when you have a stroke, the occurrence of strokes, risk factors of stroke and more.

Dr. Daniel MichaelBrain Injury and Concussions
Daniel Michael, M.D., Ph.D.

Join Daniel Michael, M.D.,Chief of Neurotrauma and Critical Care, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, as he explains research and clinical trials revolving around neurotrauma and brain injuries, how neurosurgery has changed and more.

Dr. Daniel PieperBrain Cancer and Surgery
Daniel Pieper, M.D.

Join Daniel Pieper, M.D., Director of Neuro-Oncology, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, as he details his interest in brain surgery, brain tumors, surgical techniques and more.

Dr. John ZinkelMinimally Invasive Spine Surgery
John Zinkel, M.D., Ph.D.

John Zinkel, M.D., Chief of Neurosurgery at Beaumont Hospital, Grosse Pointe, talks about the process for minimally invasive spine surgery, patient outcomes, how surgeries have improved over time and more.