Our Position on Health Care Reform

Beaumont Hospitals has long supported the goals of health care reform: All citizens should have access to health insurance or should be covered by government programs, and the rate of growth of health care spending has to be reduced.

We have opposed arbitrary cuts in reimbursement to hospitals, physicians and other providers absent any delivery reforms.

We support health care reform legislation because we will see improvements in health care:

  • 32 million more individuals will have health care coverage. The legislation provides these individuals access to primary care so they would not delay needed treatment, which also leads to higher health care costs.
  • Health insurers will not be able to deny coverage for individual with pre-existing conditions.

The health care reform legislation isn't perfect, but it changes the direction of health care in this country. Beaumont will be working with our members of Congress, as well as the American Hospital Association, to make sure we also focus on eliminating burdensome regulations and unnecessary paperwork to reduce health care costs as reform is implemented.

Health care reform should reduce our uncompensated care costs, which have risen dramatically in the current economic recession. We remain concerned about reductions in Medicare reimbursement to hospitals and other providers, making it more difficult for Beaumont to deliver care to all our patients.