Clinical Oncology Massage

Why oncology and hospital massage?

A growing number of cancer and hospitalized patients are realizing a need for holistic methods to ease their symptoms. Oncology and hospital massage has become a specialty field. Research has proven it is safe for treating patients.

In this program, you will learn that there are many ways to safely massage a cancer or hospitalized patient, but you can cause great harm if it is not done correctly. During the six day program you will learn how, when and why massage is appropriate. You will also have the opportunity to treat patients during 52 hours of supervised externship.

Program Details

Our goal is to educate highly qualified massage therapists who are capable of providing safe and intelligent massage therapy to oncology and hospitalized patients. Graduates will be qualified to work in private doctors' offices, hospitals, infusion centers and private massage practices.

"I learned more than I ever expected I could learn in class. This class has put me at the top of my career."
- Katherine Anderson, Estero, Florida

"I now know I can treat a cancer patient safely and help them through their journey. Taking care of them has brought me
so much joy."
- Tara Pernell, Detroit, Michigan

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