Frequently Asked Questions Pharmacy Residency PGY-1, Troy

How many residency positions will you be matching?

When does the residency start?
Late June

How are residents evaluated?
Residency preceptors will evaluate residents continuously throughout their learning experiences through verbal and written evaluations. Written evaluations may include summative evaluations, formative evaluations, and snapshot evaluations. At the completion of a learning experience the preceptor will evaluate the resident with a summative evaluation form specific for that learning experience. Preceptors will use the ASHP "PGY1 Required and Elective Educational Objectives Criteria for Measuring Resident Performance" as a guide to complete the summative evaluation forms.

What teaching opportunities are there for residents?
Each resident will precept Wayne State IPPE students for one semester. In addition, residents will be expected to play an active role in precepting APPE who are scheduled on rotation with them. Residents also participate in the Wayne State Teaching Certificate program.

What is the staffing requirement?
Residents will staff a clinical shift every other weekend.

Do residents receive vacation time?
Resident will accrue PTO time throughout the year. 'Scheduled' PTO days may be requested on a Special Request form that is submitted to the residency program director in advance of the requested time off. Not more than 5 consecutive PTO days can be in the same rotation without prior approval. Sick days and emergency PTO days - preceptor, and program director must be notified in advance of start time.

Do the residents attend any professional meetings throughout the year?
Yes. The residents are required to attend monthly local Southeastern Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacist meetings. The resident is required to attend the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in December, as well as a pharmacy residency conference in the spring.

Is office space available to residents?
Yes. Residents are provided with an office space with available computers.

What is the anticipated residency stipend?
The anticipated stipend for PGY-1 residents is approximately $48,000 annually.

What is your licensure policy for PGY-1 residents?
All pharmacy residents must be fully licensed (passing of both the NAPLEX and Michigan law exam) by their start date. In the event that the resident is not licensed on their start date a one-month grace period may be granted. Such cases will be evaluated on an individual basis by the PGY-1 Program Director, the Director of Pharmacy and other preceptors as appropriate. Failure to become licensed during this one month grace period may result in dismissal from the program.

What tips do you have for out of state candidates to ensure they are licensed in accordance with the program policy?

Application Materials

Start application early, look at application materials even 2-3 months before graduation so that you're ready to send them in shortly after the match results are known.

You are required to send in the controlled substance license application with associated fees in order to process your application. Failure to do so may delay licensure.

You may send in application packet materials even before your school sends your Certificate of Education into the Board.

If you don't think you'll be licensed before the start date, you must have a valid Michigan intern license, this application takes about 4-6 weeks to process.

Make yourself very familiar with the Michigan board of pharmacy website ( Many questions will be answered in the Licensing Information and Frequently Asked Questions sections.

Don't be afraid to call the board, at 517-335-0918, with any questions you have about how to's and what's required for the applications.

The Board will send you a customer number where you can check online for the status of your application.

Registering for Exams

Register and pay for the NAPLEX and MPJE online thru the NAPB (

As soon as you get your Authorization To Test (ATT), schedule the exams! It doesn't matter if you feel ready for them at that point, schedule it anyway. They can be changed later on, but this gives you a definite time frame to work with.

If you plan to change a set testing date, it must be done at least two days before test date by noon on that day.

Depending on when you take your exams, it will be a minimum of 7 - 10 days before your exam results will be mailed to you.

MPJE Study Guide

Per MI Board Pharmacy, this is what you need to study in terms of state law:

  • All of Administrative Rules
  • Three sections of the Public Health Code: Article 7 Controlled Substances, Article 15 Part 161 General Provisions, and Article 15 Part 177 Pharmacy Practice and Drug Control

You can access this info on their website under Licensing Information. You can print these out or call the Board and request copies be sent to you.

Other helpful sources/sites

  • DEA Pharmacist Manual
  • Website/text by law professor at Wayne State: Jesse Vivian, JD If you purchase the text book through MPA, make sure you compare text with current regulations as things may have changed; particularly in regards to controlled substances and electronic prescribing. These updates may be available on his website too.
  • Law review conducted by Michigan Pharmacists Association.

What housing recommendations do you have for out-of-state candidates?
Beaumont is located in Troy, a great place to live, work, learn and play. Troy is a vibrant and balanced community, rich in cultural diversity, community wellness and economic vitality. Around the Troy area, the city of Birmingham is known for its upscale shopping, luxurious homes, and its downtown area. Other cities near the area include Royal Oak, Rochester Hills and Detroit.

When looking for a place to live, here are some tips to follow:

  • Use internet websites such as those listed below to find apartments in the area. You will likely want to limit your search to Oakland and/or Macomb County.
  • Real estate agents are also able to help find rental properties. Use your bargaining skills to lower your rent. Fees assessed for a real estate agent are paid by the owners of the rental property, not by the renter!
  • Look at the mileage away from Beaumont Hospital. Consider traffic in neighboring streets at rush hour that may extend commute times.
  • Ask how old the buildings are and if they have recently been renovated. There are multiple apartments located near the hospital available for rent
  • View the apartment complex and neighborhood before signing the lease
  • Some rental properties include some utilities in the rent. Check this out!
  • Save money by finding a roommate such as a fellow resident

How can an out-of-state candidate find out more about the Troy and surrounding area? We recommend the following websites:

What type of benefit package is provided to residents?

  • general benefits
  • library access
  • photocopying
  • resident office space with individual work station
  • pharmacy continuing education
  • free parking
  • mentoring program
  • health benefits coverage includes optional medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, life and disability insurance.
  • travel: Residents will have all reasonable expenses reimbursed for pharmacy residency conference and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Meeting.
  • compensation: The anticipated salary for incoming residents is approximately $46,000 per year.
  • time off: Residents will accrue Planned Time Off (PTO) time throughout the year. 'Scheduled' PTO days may be requested on a Special Request form that is submitted to the residency program director in advance of the requested time off. Not more than 5 consecutive PTO days can be in the same rotation without prior approval. Sick days and emergency PTO days - preceptor and program director must be notified in advance of start time. These hours will be paid from 'banked' PTO hours.

Residents will have the following national holidays off:

  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day