Pharmaceutical Services Department Overview Pharmacy Residency PGY-1, Troy

The pharmacy department utilizes an integrative practice model where pharmacists are responsible for both distributive and clinical functions. Currently, there is a central pharmacy, two operating room satellite pharmacies, and an emergency center satellite pharmacy.

Pharmacy Personnel

Beaumont Hospital, Troy has a longstanding tradition of providing excellent clinical services. Pharmacists at Beaumont, Troy provide decentralized, inpatient care as well as pharmacokinetic dosing and monitoring of antibiotics and anticoagulants and nutrition support. The department consists of 34 pharmacists, including 6 pharmacy specialty areas (ambulatory care, critical care, emergency medicine, medicine, OR pharmacy, and oncology).

All pharmacists are actively involved in patient rounds, medication reconciliation, Joint Commission compliance, and corporate formulary management.

Beumont pharmacists are also actively involved in the precepting of Doctor of Pharmacy students. Numerous pharmacy staff have adjunct faculty appointments with colleges of pharmacy from across the nation.

Pharmacy Residency

Each year Beaumont, Troy accepts two new pharmacy practice residents to the program. A PGY-1 Residency at Beaumont provides:

  • training in a 520-bed acute-care, community-teaching hospital and associated ambulatory care practices
  • pharmacy department personnel who are committed to education, patient care and research
  • highly-trained clinical specialists as preceptors
  • the ability to share the precepting responsibilities for Doctor of Pharmacy students
  • a year of continual longitudinal development