Resources for Victims

Domestic violence takes many forms. It can be when someone:

  • puts you down, says mean things, yells, plays mind games
  • blames you for their behavior
  • threatens to leave you or take the children away from you
  • isolates you from your friends and family
  • doesn't let you have a job, controls money and bank accounts, refuses to pay bills or buy food
  • takes away phone or car keys
  • treats you like servant, makes all decisions, makes you ask permission
  • watches everything you do, is jealous, checks car mileage
  • hits, chokes, pushes, slaps, holds or ties you down
  • threatens or does hurt you, the children or the pets
  • destroys your property
  • forces unwanted sex or sex acts
  • won't let you sleep

Plan ahead for a quick and safer escape

  • Pack extra clothes and personal supplies for you and your children.
  • Set aside an extra set of car keys, money and copies important papers for you and the children: birth certificates, social security numbers, financial papers, federal tax returns, health documents and insurance polices.
  • Leave extra clothes, supplies and papers with someone you trust.
  • Try to leave the house everyday at a set time, i.e., get mail, walk the dog. When you are ready to leave, it won't look suspicious.
  • Plan where you will go, how you will get there. Rehearse your plan.

Beaumont Health System
Social Work
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Grosse Pointe: 313-473-1781
Royal Oak: 248-898-7595

Abuse Help Card (PDF)

You Are Not Alone Handbook (PDF)

Internet Safety Information (PDF)

Oakland County

877-922-1274 (toll-free)
248-334-1290 TTY

Common Ground
24-hour crisis hotline
800-231-1127 (toll-free)

Macomb County

Turning Point

Wayne County

YWCA Interim House

State of Michigan DHS Centralized
Intake for Child and Adult Abuse
855-444-3911 (toll-free)

National Domestic Violence Helpline
800-799-SAFE (toll-free)
800-787-3224 TTY (toll-free)