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Karmanos Center for Natural Birth

The Karmanos Center for Natural Birth provides a supportive, home-like environment for expectant mothers looking for a safe natural childbirth experience. With nurses and caregivers that are trained in holistic birth approaches, your patients can expect to be prepared with the education and relaxation techniques needed to experience the benefits of a natural childbirth.

In addition to providing six private suites designed to enable a mind-body connection, our care team works with you and your patients to create a customized birth plan, ensuring they are empowered to be a part of their birth experience.

Patients benefit from a number of amenities designed for managing discomfort during labor, including large hydrotherapy tubs, various position changing tools, an indoor walking path and outdoor walkable garden, and a baby care area that allows rooming-in throughout their stay.

Is natural birth right for your patient?

Many women are interested in having a more natural birth experience, and we are happy to support that in any of our birth settings. However, a safe delivery is our number one priority, so there may be maternal or fetal complications and risk factors that require your patient to deliver in more traditional birthing suite. Please refer to the medical admissions criteria as a guide for delivering in the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the nurse liaison at 248-898-5574.

How can my patient prepare for delivery in the Center?

Beaumont provides the tools necessary to help your patients prepare for a natural delivery through hands-on classes, an online education portal and mobile application, and one-on-one support from our nursing staff and physicians. Meeting with our nurse liaison: If your patient plans to deliver in the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth, we ask that she connects with our nurse liaison at around 28 weeks to develop her birth plan. The nurse liaison will help communicate her wishes and expectations with you and our care team.

Childbirth and parenting classes

Women scheduled to deliver in the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth will be encouraged to take our Natural Birth Workshop.

myBeaumont Baby online

myBeaumontBaby has the tools and information your patients need to learn about the various stages of pregnancy, prepare their body for labor and delivery, and track their experience from conception through delivery. Encourage them to sign up today at beaumont.edu/mybeaumontbaby or download our free mobile app.

After delivery

Your patient will stay in a private suite from arrival through discharge. Most women who have a natural delivery are able to leave the hospital within 24 hours. Arrangements will be made for a longer stay if needed.

Arranging for delivery

To arrange for delivery in the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth, have your patient or office manager call 248-898-5574.

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