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In December 2016, the Michigan legislature passed House Bill 5533, clarifying the scope of capabilities for physician’s assistants. Specifically, the bill removed references to physician “supervision” and “delegation” and replaced those requirements with a practice agreement model supervision The bill becomes effective March 22.

There are two key aspects of this legislation:

Physician assistants must submit a new practice agreement (see sidebar) for each hospital they are credentialed at, by March 22, 2017.

The bill clarifies the scope of practice of a PA as “the practice of medicine with a participating physician/podiatrist under a practice agreement.” The bill defines the required components of the practice agreement, including:

  • A process between the PA and physician for communication, availability, and decision making when providing medical treatment. The process must utilize the knowledge and skills of the PA and participating physician based upon their education, training, and experience. One or more physicians may enter into a practice agreement with a PA.
  • A protocol for designating an alternative physician for consultation in situations in which the participating physician is not available for consultation.
  • The signature of both the PA and the participating physician for each hospital a PA is credentialed at.
  • A termination provision that allows the PA or participating physician to terminate the agreement by providing written notice at least 30 days before the date of termination.
  • Shall not include as a duty or responsibility of the PA or participating physician an act, task, or function that the PA or participating physician is not qualified to perform by education, training, or experience and that is not within the scope of their license.
  • A requirement that the participating physician verify the PA’s credentials.
  • This is a one-time agreement and only needs updating if there is an addition or change in participating physician.

There are no immediate changes to the PA scope of practice within any Beaumont Health hospital, ambulatory center or Beaumont Medical Group practices

The policies, rules and bylaws of each hospital remain in place. Please refer to your privilege form, job description, or the local hospital rules and bylaws, for clarification on scope of capabilities. For an explanation of the changes that affect scope of capabilities within a practice, please visit www.beaumont.edu/doctor.

To ensure continuity of care and compliance with the new legislation, all PAs who are credentialed at a Beaumont Hospital will receive a letter with a new practice agreement. They must fill out a new practice agreement with their participating physician and return it to the local credentialing office before March 22, 2017.

Questions regarding the practice agreement can be directed to your local medical staff affairs office:

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