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Making Safe Choices

  • This module provides critical information/steps needed to ensure that our patients consistently receive safe care. It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor/educator if you have questions about the information in this module, or if you are unable to complete the steps as described.
  • Not following these steps may cause harm to our patients, ourselves or others and is called at-risk behavior. You should expect to be coached if you misstep, or drift, from the described procedures.
  • Should you choose to not follow this procedure (after being coached on the correct procedure) that may be considered reckless behavior and may result in punitive action.

Fire Response and Evacuation

  • In event of a fire or smoke, take direction from staff in area
  • Use RACE as reminder of what to do
    • Rescue: Move anyone in immediate danger beyond corridor smoke doors
    • Alarm: Call out ‘Red Alert” & activate fire alarm
    • Contain/Confine: Close doors
    • Extinguish: Put out a small fire if you can do so safely by smothering it, using a fire extinguisher, or unplugging equipment

Using A Fire Extinguisher

  • Use PASS as a reminder of how to use a fire extinguisher
    • P= Pull the pin
    • A= Aim at the base of the flames
    • S= Squeeze the handle
    • S= Sweep side to side

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