Your Nutritional Profile

You may try to eat healthy and take the latest vitamins and supplements,
but mostly you’re guessing about what your body’s nutritional needs and what it actually absorbs. In fact, studies show that most people taking vitamins are still found to be deficient in at least one nutrient. 

Because each person eats and processes nutrients differently, nutritional testing, also known as micronutrient testing, at the Beaumont Health and Nutrition Institute allows an individualized approach to vitamin and nutrient supplementation. Using a simple blood test, our staff is able to analyze the functional levels of 32 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants unique to each patient, information that is used to recommend an individual approach to replenish specific nutrients.

What are the health benefits of micronutrient testing?

Giving our bodies the correct balance of nutrients is one of the best ways to prevent and fight disease and to optimize health. Patients often find that they are able to streamline their vitamins by adjusting dietary choices and by choosing the right combination of vitamins and minerals.

How do I schedule a micronutrient test?

Any person interested in finding out his or her nutritional status can schedule a micronutrient test with our staff, with or without a referral from a physician. On your initial visit, a health care provider will go over your medical history along with a detailed history of your current diet, vitamin and supplement use. Your blood will be drawn and tested, producing a nutritional profile. 

At your follow-up visit, our health care provider will go over your micronutrient test results and then recommend specific diet modifications and nutritional supplements to correct deficiencies.

The goal of micronutrient testing is to optimize your nutrition to optimize your health.

Is micronutrient testing covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies cover the majority of the costs associated with micronutrient testing and the medical counseling.