Surgical Clinical Trials

The Surgical Clinical Trials Office (SCTO) is comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals who work collaboratively with industry, government, academia and philanthropy to provide comprehensive and efficient research services. The mission of SCTO is to promote innovative high quality human research for improving outcomes while ensuring the highest level of patient safety. This is accomplished by conducting a variety of clinical trials using novel drugs and devices, which increase the number of treatment options available to Beaumont patients. Realizing the best research standards through adherence to government policies and regulations is paramount. SCTO supports surgical investigational teams through process improvement, innovative technologies, and education and training initiatives, while collaborating with academic institutions in translational research initiatives.

SCTO participates in broad range of research, from basic science studies to clinical drug and device trials for FDA submission. To accomplish this endeavor SCTO works in partnership with multiple surgical specialties such as, cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery, general surgery, colorectal surgery, multi-organ transplant surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, surgical intensive care, anesthesia, and surgical laboratories. Numerous surgical residents and fellows participate in these programs, adding further to their training experiences.

Currently, clinical researchers coordinate over 30 trials that are in various stages of enrollment and follow-up. These clinical trials involve:

  • new classes of drugs and drug combinations for improving outcomes in open heart surgery, transplant surgery and colorectal surgery
  • minimally invasive technologies are utilized in vascular surgery and cardiothoracic surgery
  • novel devices used as tertiary treatment options for stroke

Clinical questions that arose from our clinical trial participation have spawned efforts related to basic science biomarker discovery in patients with carotid disease. We are constantly looking for new research projects that would assist our surgeons in taking care of increasingly complex surgical problems.

Laboratory researchers are working on various projects, such as gene activation detection in certain disease processes by applying innovative new technologies and utilizing patient donated blood and tissue samples from the Beaumont BioBank. The mission is to make discoveries that provide new information leading to the creation of new clinical practice guidelines, significantly impacting patient safety and mortality. The Surgical Clinical Trials Office is the clinical link to administer these translational efforts of lab scientists and the Biobank participants.

The Surgical Clinical Trials Office encourages and appreciates Beaumont patients enrolling in clinical trials. Additional research participation varies from donating tissue or blood for future research, answering a questionnaire, or providing philanthropy to support ongoing research efforts. The efforts of patients and researcher teams serve to improve healthcare for all our families' future.