Motor Speech Treatment Program

At Beaumont, experienced Speech and Language Pathologists will measure and assess all aspects of speech, voice, breath support, and swallowing. There is no pain or discomfort associated with this analysis. Next, an individualized program of drills and exercises will be developed based on individual needs. After this short-term treatment, the patient should be able to carry out the exercises with little or no help.

The Beaumont Swallowing Rehabilitation Team can provide modified barium studies, diet recommendations, and rehabilitation as required. Recommendations and referrals for augmentative communication devices (speech aids) will be made if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a patient completely recover from a motor speech disorder?
If the motor impairment is minor as in 'Bells Palsy', (facial nerve dysfunction) function is often returned to normal. If the motor impairment is a part of a more serious stroke or chronic degenerative disorder such as Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis, then complete functional restoration is not possible.

How long does motor speech rehabilitation take?
Every patient is different. Typically, we see our patients for six treatment sessions over a period of 45 days, with very good results.

Does insurance cover Motor Speech Rehabilitation?
Yes, usually BC/BS and Medicare pay for a reasonable amount of speech pathology treatment after stroke, surgery or recent diagnosis of neurologic disorder.