Pain Medicine Team Values

Our commitment to patients and family members:

  • We will provide pain management that has the best evidence from clinical research and professional consensus.
  • Pain care will be provided from a multidisciplinary team that includes the health care professionals who in combination can meet each patient's needs for symptom relief, emotional support, help in coping, and improvement in daily physical functioning.
  • We will be sensitive to the impact that pain has on both patients and their family members.
  • We will provide pain management care in a culturally-sensitive manner with respect for the values and perspective of each patient and family member.
  • Coordination of pain assessment and treatment with each patient's primary care physician and other important providers will be a central feature of care, which can strengthen each patient's experience that their health care providers are effectively communicating with each other.
  • We will assure that each patient and family member is satisfied with their total experience with our pain management team.