Pain Medicine Quality and Outcomes

Our pain medicine team places a significant priority on measuring the outcomes of all assessment and treatment interventions. Our team is committed to providing high- quality care and innovative approaches to maintain this commitment. We believe that value in pain care is measured by the outcomes we help each patient experience. The goals and outcomes for care will vary depending upon the setting (inpatient versus outpatient) and whether pain is a brief or long-term medical problem. We monitor these outcomes closely and throughout the period of care so we can maintain the most effective pain care possible. Our team will ask patients and family members (when applicable) to complete a brief survey of their response to pain care. Collecting this information allows the team to use feedback to strengthen the effectiveness of care for patients, now and in the future.

The treatment of pain on an inpatient basis may target how quickly relief is provided, the effectiveness of medications and strategies chosen, ongoing monitoring of pain status, the interpersonal care experienced by patients and their significant others and post-discharge care.

The multidisciplinary treatment of pain for a patient in an outpatient clinic may target reductions in pain severity, improved mobility and functioning, engagement in valued life activities, school/work attendance, endurance and vitality, physical fitness and emotional well-being.