For Pain Medicine Patients










Ask your doctor for a referral to the Beaumont Center for Pain Medicine then you may call any of our locations to schedule your appointment. We may ask you to provide the following information:

  • patient's date of birth
  • prescription or referral with diagnosis
  • insurance information
  • general health history questions

What you will need for your first appointment:

  • medical records- we will instruct you on this if needed
  • imaging reports of pertinent areas (MRI, CT, EMG reports)
  • list of current medications
  • drug allergy list
  • questionnaire (to be sent in mail after appointment has been made or can be downloaded and printed from this page)

*If any of your Medical Records/Imaging Reports were generated at a Beaumont Health System facility we will be able to access them for your appointment.

Insurance Responsibility

Please be advised that our Pain Physicians are part of MedNex, Inc, a national medical group partnered with Beaumont Health System. We would like to inform you that you may incur facility and professional fees.

Your Medical Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. The Center for Pain Medicine is not party to this contract. Our office does not handle billing or insurance issues.

It is your responsibility to call your insurance company prior to receiving care to determine if the visit/procedure you are scheduled for is a "covered benefit". This includes professional and facility charges. You are ultimately responsible for all charges that your insurance company does not cover, including deductibles and/or copays.

The Beaumont Business/Registration Office may need to contact you if additional information is necessary. It is important that you provide accurate, current information, including insurance information, referring physician/ primary care physician and your contact information.