Anesthesia Pain Medicine

Inpatient pain medicineOur anesthesia pain medicine team offers different modalities to aid with your acute pain that may be caused by many indications.

What is Acute Pain?

Acute pain is distinguished as being of recent onset, transient and usually from an identifiable cause. Our team of anesthesiologists and nurse clinicians focus on providing pain management with anesthesia related modalities.


  • Pre and post-operative pain
  • Post-trauma pain
  • Cancer-related pain syndromes
  • Non-malignant chronic pain syndromes


  • Continuous Epidural Infusions - Epidural analgesia delivers medication to nerves within the epidural space. Your anesthesiologist places a small tube or catheter so medication can be administered during surgery and beyond for comfort.
  • Continuous Perineural Infusions - A thin catheter is placed by trained anesthesiologists using ultrasound technology. Local anesthetic is administered in the area directly surrounding the peripheral nerve proximal to the surgical site. Patients scheduled for shoulder, ankle, and/or knee surgery may benefit by this pain modality.
  • Single injection epidural or intrathecal opioid therapy
  • Single injection perineural block