Life After Transplant

Taking care of yourself and your transplanted kidney requires a lifetime commitment. At Beaumont, we want to help you with that commitment as you continue to live your life to the fullest.

The following are some questions and answers about your transplant procedure:

Will I be cured if I have a kidney transplant?

While a kidney transplant may allow you to have a better quality of life, free of dialysis, it is not a cure. It is an ongoing treatment that requires a lifetime commitment on your part. Your Beaumont Transplant Team will educate and support you and your family so that you may accomplish this.

What experts make up a transplant team?

A transplant team involves doctors, (nephrologists and surgeons), nurses, (transplant coordinators), a financial representative, a social worker, a pharmacist, a dietitian - and you. As an active member of this team, you will need to

  • Talk to your Transplant Team regularly.
  • Take your medicines as prescribed.
  • Stick to your schedule of clinic visits and lab tests.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What special care should I take after surgery?

Your body's natural response is to recognize your new kidney as an invader. Special antirejection medications, (immunosuppressants), help "fool" your body into accepting the kidney transplant as your own. Because immunosuppressant medications can interfere with your body's natural immune system, you will be more prone to infection. Some suggestions to prevent infection are:

  • Wash your hands often, especially after using the bathroom and before eating.
  • Stay away from people who have colds, flu or other infections.
  • Get the flu vaccine early.

When can I get back to normal activities?

You will be monitored closely by the Transplant Team for 3 months after your kidney transplant. You will be able to drive a month after surgery. Each person's recovery is different but each week you should notice your energy and endurance improve. Exercise, such as walking or swimming, will help you to increase your strength. After three months you should be able to return to your usual activities, such as work or school.

Whom can I contact at Beaumont when I have questions?

You may have many questions after your transplant. Your transplant nurse coordinator will be your main contact with the Beaumont Transplant Team. Our registered nurses specialize in transplantation. If there is a question that they can't answer, they will consult with the other team members in order to answer your question.