Kidney Transplant

Beaumont's Kidney Transplant Center has been successfully treating patients for several decades. Our highly skilled physicians have performed more than 2,300 kidney transplants since 1972, and they deliver the expertise you need with an innovative approach that's totally focused on you, the patient. The Beaumont Transplant Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to patients with chronic kidney disease, including end-stage renal disease.

The Center offers one of the newest and most advanced procedures for transplant from a living donor - laparoscopic nephrectomy. After making four small incisions in the abdomen, doctors insert a laparoscope, a small tube-like instrument with a camera to see inside your body. It helps guide the surgical instruments to free the kidney.

This innovative, minimally invasive procedure usually means donors experience less pain, a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and less scarring. Why? Because just one of the four small incisions is made larger so the kidney can be removed in one piece.

The skilled and experienced Beaumont kidney transplant team includes surgeons, kidney specialists (or nephrologists), and nurse coordinators who work in unison with all hospital disciplines to manage your care from pre-transplant evaluation through recovery. Our transplant patients also are assigned a dedicated transplant coordinator to contact any time for pre- and post-transplant care advice.

All Beaumont kidney transplant physicians receive additional specialty training by completing a fellowship in transplant surgery. Learn more about the Beaumont Transplant Team.

Special Procedures Offered at Beaumont

  • Pre-transplant evaluation - A comprehensive, pre-transplant consultation with a nephrologist, surgeon, pre-transplant coordinator, financial coordinator and social worker.
  • Living donor kidney transplants - Minimally invasive nephrectomy.
  • Continuing evaluation of patients on transplant wait list - All patients are assigned a pre-transplant coordinator to contact anytime for advice.
  • Post-transplant care - All transplant patients are matched with a post-transplant coordinator to contact for continuing advice and follow-up care.

Transplant Evaluation and Scheduling an Appointment

Each potential recipient undergoes education and evaluation by a multi-disciplinary team at Beaumont.

If this team decides that a kidney transplant would improve your quality of life compared to staying on dialysis, you'll be notified about your acceptance as a candidate. If the risks for transplant are too high, we will counsel you on your status for transplantation and your options.