Join the Nursing Pool

Beaumont provides nurses the flexibility of working in our nursing pool. Through our nursing pool, Registered nurses, nurse technicians or nurse assistants can get the benefit of a flexible work schedule while working for one of the best hospitals in southeast Michigan.

Nurses working in our nursing pool are exposed to various areas of the hospital because they "float" to various units, filling in for nurses who are out ill, on medical leave or vacation. Assignments can be as structured or as flexible as you choose. It's a great opportunity to work your schedule around family, school and other obligations as well as develop an extensive network of colleagues throughout the hospital.

We offer full, part-time and contingent positions with various shifts and flexible scheduling. This approach allows many options for you to choose from - all to help you meet your personal constraints.

Become a member of our nursing pool team and profit from financial rewards, benefits for some positions, flexible schedules, networking opportunities and a highly respected continuing education curriculum... all from one of America's top hospitals.