Meetings with Biostatisticians and Services Provided

If you would like biostatistical assistance with your project, please fill out the Biostatistics Job Request Form and email it to

Once received, you will be contacted by one of our biostatisticians to arrange an appointment.

Preparation for initial meeting

  • Please come to the first meeting prepared to discuss your research goals and related questions.
  • If you have written a research protocol/study plan, please bring it with you.
  • Bring any related research paper that may help us understand the study, including plots or graphs.
  • If you request a data analysis based on human subjects, please bring your HIC approval letter (an electronic version is acceptable).
  • If you request a data analysis based on animal subjects, an ACC approval letter is required (an electronic version is acceptable).
  • Be prepared to discuss the project, abstract, or grant submission deadline.
  • For data analyses requests, we encourage researchers to submit their data set when the collection of all information has been completed (i.e., all subjects and all variables). This allow us to provide results in a timely manner that minimizes rework.


  • If you need to cancel or postpone the meeting, please notify us as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment.
  • If you send somebody in your place, please make sure that the person knows as much as you do about your project.
  • Be prepared to meet with us more than once. More often than not, the collaboration between a biostatistician and a researcher involves more than one meeting.
  • Keep in mind that we serve the entire research community at all three Beaumont campuses and off site facilities as well. Plan ahead and visit us early since we may not be able to accommodate requests made on short notice.


  • We will help you in translating your research questions into statistically meaningful descriptive and/or inferential analyses.
  • We will perform power analysis and sample size calculations for your study, if applicable.
  • We will help prepare the data analysis section of grant applications and ACC/HIC submissions. We will specify statistical methods to be used for the analysis of your data.
  • Create randomization schemes for your study, if applicable.
  • Help you design the database for your study.
  • Write, review and proofread manuscript statistical sections prior to publication.
  • We can help you review your data after a few patients have been entered into the database. This will ensure the use of appropriate formats and codes, avoiding substantial re-entry of the data and reducing analysis time.

Biostatistics Job Request Form