Anticoagulation Management Service

If you are taking warfarin/Coumadin, you know how time consuming it can be to have your INR levels monitored. Beaumont's Anticoagulation Management Service is a telemanaged service that monitors your INR levels and keeps them in an ideal target range.

The nursing staff has specialized training in warfarin/Coumadin dosing. Because of the quality of the staff, Anticoagulation Management Services can:

  • reduce the number of issues including gastrointestinal bleeding, cardiovascular accident, transient ischemic attack, pulmonary embolism, intracranial bleed, etc.
  • enable you to assume greater responsibility for self-care through health education about the safe use of warfarin/Coumadin®, the physical signs and symptoms of bleeding or thromboembolism and the importance of laboratory monitoring
  • improve your adherence to the prescribed regimen and improve your overall quality of life

Patient Benefits

  • use any laboratory for INR or use our new home fingerstick monitoring program
  • monitoring can begin on the first business day following discharge from the hospital or ECF
  • assessments and one-on-one warfarin/Coumadin teaching by a nurse who specializes in Coumadin management
  • 24-hour turnaround time from blood draw to patient notification on abnormal INRs that use a Beaumont laboratory Monday through Friday
  • dosing schedule, INR results and next INR date mailed to the home within two to three business days of the last INR; or results can be sent directly to your myBeaumont Chart